Women Mechanical Watches

  • The Seiko 5 is the best mechanical watch you can buy in the sub-$500 category.. It's accurate to a few seconds per day, and is self-winding, so if you forget to wind it it's not going to stop on you. This model has a color that approaches that of a hot-blue with white hands that contrast sharply with the background.I have only owned the watch for a short time, so I can't speak to its shock-resistance or water resistance, but I can say the Seiko craftsmanship clearly shows in this watch. The band is flexible yet exudes strength and confidence, and the movement smooth and accurate. I'm not wild about the transparent back of the watch - it looks like a weak point - but other than that I love it.Edit: I have owned this watch for over a week and I haven't had to set the time yet. It still is keeping perfect time. This is the first mechanical watch I have owned that keeps time so well. I am astounded.