Mens Mechanical Watches

  • Style-wise, it works with dress or casual. It's a simple look with a recognized pedigree that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. For under $100, a Seiko 5 is about the highest quality watch you can get. I'm very happy with my purchase! tourbillon clock gold fashion skeleton watch, tourbillon male automatic dateuminous clock wholesale, buy tourbillon male automatic dateuminous clock, discount tourbillon male automatic dateuminous clock
  • I liked everything about to watch the weight the green light the ease of use. Shipping was super fast. However when i tried to adjust the links one one side of the strap i found that the pins were welded shut. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new strap. I was able to fix it and adjust it to my wrist. Definitely worth the price. golden stainless steel carve mens watches, golden carve mens watches in stoke, golden carve mens watches factory, kteta durable golden carve mens watches, tourbillon luxury submariner clock suppliers, customized tourbillon luxury submariner clock
  • Amazing watch for the price. Boyfriend loved it. Received many compliments. Looks very sophisticated. Only downfall is that the hands are silver, and so is the face so very hard to find the hands to see what time.perspective skeleton automatic wristwatch, fashion perspective skeleton watch wholesale, fashion perspective skeleton watch in stock, fashion perspective skeleton watch factory, tourbillon male automatic dateuminous clock, tourbillon male automatic dateuminous clock wholesale
  • I just received my watch within the projected delivery tine. I gingerly opened the wrapping and found the inner box appeared undamaged. I was even more surprised to see the watch inside was wrapped in more foam sheeting.The watch is outstanding. Being an automatic, it was ticking away as expected. The detail of the sculptured dragon is just as pictured and some of the other watches with flat dragons. The bracelet is very long so I had to remove several links to make it fit. If you love dragons like I do, then this is the watch for you.I really couldn't find an issue with it and so far it works great. It holds the time well and it looks good. Highly recommend!!!
  • This watch is great! From the automatic winding, to the day/night dial, everything holds up over time! The tiny pieces inside are fun to watch tick, and it never needs winding while you are wearing it, just another reason I will never go with another watch manufacture.The only thing I would change is the placement of the crown. Having the crown up top makes it a bit difficult to wind, and I am not partial to leather bands since I am usually pretty sweaty, so having the crown up top makes it hard to find a replacement band, which will almost definitely need to happen if you are sweaty like I am. The diamonds are an interesting choice, I might not have chosen to put a huge diamond on the crown, but it is sort of hidden.Altogether, many people will ask about your watch if they see you wearing it, I would certainly recommend it almost with any ensemble or dress.
  • This is a great watch and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm a mechanical engineer and really enjoy being able to see the inner workings of the watch. I also get a lot of satisfaction owning and using a 100% mechanical item during this digital age. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering this watch due to some of the negative reviews it has received. My watch, however, has been running perfectly and keeps very good time. It is gains approximately a minute in a week. The only improvement I would have liked would be hands which are a contrasting color to the watch workings as the hands can be a little hard to see at times. My wife really likes my watch
  • I bought this watch because it appears to be a new model and despite low price, it looks very impressive. So far I do not see any flaw.Instructions are minimum for less experienced user. Customers need to start by having strap adjusted to their wrist size by removing same number of links from both sides. It is advisable to go to a jeweler and pay for removing links to make it fit as they have proper tools to do so. Otherwise you need to use a small hammer on tool provided to push the pins out in the direction of arrow on marked links. It takes considerably more effort.To close the strap push both sides of clasps towards your wrist with steel clasp part getting covered inside by dark strap till both clasps lock in place. To open it, squeeze both steel protrusions inward towards dark strap to pop out clasps to unlock.